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4 Simple Steps to Keep Your Heater in Good Shape This Winter

During the winter months, heaters are a necessity, but they can also be a huge hassle if they’re not properly maintained. This blog post will discuss four simple steps that will help keep your heater in good shape all winter long!

Clean the filters regularly.

The first step in maintaining your heater is to clean its filters regularly. You should do this once every three months or so, depending on how often you use it and where you live (i.e., if pets shed hair).

The best way to clean them out is by using a vacuum attachment and cleaner such as dish soap mixed with water. Just put both into one container together, then spray around all sides of each filter until they’re entirely saturated before letting dry overnight.

Inspect the ducts.

The next step is to inspect your ducts for any leaks, holes, or other damage that could lead to decreased efficiency and even safety hazards down the road. If you do find any issues, be sure to repair them as soon as possible!

In addition, make sure that all vents in each room of your house are open – this will ensure an even distribution of warm air. If there are rooms in your home that you don’t use often (or at all), close the vents in those rooms so that the heat isn’t wasted on spaces that don’t need it.

Keep the area around your heater clear.

Just like anything else, you need to give your heater some breathing room in order to work properly. Make sure there’s plenty of space surrounding it and that nothing is blocking the vents – this includes furniture, rugs, curtains, etc.

If at all possible, try not to use your heater in conjunction with any other appliances (like a stove or oven), as they will create an airtight seal and cause the heater to work harder than necessary.

Get a tune-up.

This is probably the most crucial step in keeping your heater running smoothly – schedule a tune-up at least once a year to make sure everything is in good condition and that no hazardous problems have developed over time.

A technician will be able to clean the system, check for any leaks, and fix any minor issues before they become big ones.

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