What A/C Size Do I Need? A User-Friendly Guide

What A/C Size Do I Need? A User-Friendly Guide

If buying a new air conditioning system is one of your priorities this summer, you surely do not want to get an over sized or undersized unit. This is why you should seek the help of an HVAC specialist to point you to the right A/C size that will best suit your cooling needs.

Let’s take a quick look at how to get the right system size suitable to your Fort Lauderdale, FL home.

Available Sizes for Air Conditioners

Air conditioners come in various sizes that are measured in “tons.” An average A/C unit used to cool a typical home in Florida is two tons in size which refers not to the weight but its hourly cooling ability of 24,000 BTUs. With British thermal units, you will know how much energy you need to cool or heat a one (1) pound of water by every degree Fahrenheit. Say for instance, an air conditioner of one (1) ton can cool 12,000 pounds of water by one degree per hour.

Usually, the tonnage of air conditioning units for residential spaces ranges from 1 to 5 tons. Anything that exceeds 5 tons means that the unit is for commercial use. Yet, there are instances that your home might require cooling more than 5 tons which you need to discuss with your HVAC partner.

A/C Size Calculation

So, how is the size of your air conditioner calculated? Your home has several critical details that can affect the estimation process including the interior volume, layout, number of doors and windows, current ducting system, size and age of the house and more. Other factors include your local surroundings and your home’s exposure to sunlight. To calculate your A/C size, your heating and cooling contractor uses the “Manual-J” as the standard method.

Getting the Size of Your Cooling Unit

A correctly-sized air conditioner can function at its highest efficiency and constantly cool your home throughout the season. Your system should neither be too small nor too big for your space – you need just the right fit. Considering many factors, only the experts can help you come up with the size appropriate to your home and comfort requirements.

Wherever you are in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Air Anytime can lend a hand in your journey to finding the right A/C size. Please do not think twice to call us if you need expert assistance on this matter. We will be happy assist you all the way.