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If you hear your heater making odd sounds or you notice it’s not working anymore, then it’s time call a heater repair services in Oakland Park, FL pro to check and fix it. With our quick and accurate heating repair services at Air Anytime, we make sure to restore your equipment’s condition to keep you comfortable throughout the cold season.

When your heater needs repair, our skilled technicians are ready to provide solutions to prevent future issues from coming back. Our professional team is dedicated to delivering top-quality services for your comfort needs regardless of the time of the day. If you need us to be on-site, we’ll be there in no time.

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Reasons Your Heating  System Is Blowing Cold Air

Have you turned your thermostat up a notch to combat the cold, only to know that your heater is blowing cold air? It does happen sometimes, and a few things can be its cause. Here are some of those:

Your Heater Didn’t Have Time to Warm Up

You can’t expect your space to be heated in an instant after you turn on your heating system. Your heater needs some time to do it. Allow your heating system to run for at least five to ten minutes and see if the air indoors warms. If it’s not heating the air after the said time, then it has a different issue that you need to address right away.

Someone Might Change the Temperature

Ask the people in your home if they have adjusted the thermostat. You have to understand that each person’s comfort in your home varies, so someone might have changed the setting in the device.

Thermostat Issues

If the issue is none of the previous two on the list, you might want to check next if your thermostat is the problem.

Check if your thermostat is set on the “on” instead of “auto.” If it is, the furnace will continuously run, even if it isn’t on the heat cycle. In that case, the cool air will run through the system, which makes your space uncomfortable.

Does your thermostat run on batteries? See if they are already used up or not.

Lastly, if you have a programmable thermostat, ensure that it is programmed correctly. Don’t hesitate to ask for an expert’s help for complete solutions.

Tripped Breaker

If you’re using an electric furnace, a tripped breaker can cause a lot of problems. Also, it won’t allow the heat to circulate throughout your home, or worse, your system may not run at all.

Even if you have a gas furnace, it usually has an electric starter that ignites the gas burner. If you have a tripped breaker, your furnace will still stay on, but the air can’t warm up because the gas burner cannot ignite.

At Air Anytime, we have the best fix for your heating system dilemma. Whether your heating system is blowing cold air or your thermostat isn’t working, our team helps solve your problems!

Get the Heating Repair Services You Deserve

Heating repairs need the professionals’ expertise. Don’t risk having it fixed by non-certified handymen, or else you might spend more than necessary when the repair doesn’t succeed.

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