The best home improvement project you can take on this year is improving your home’s insulation. You may not think of it that much but mind you, proper insulation can bring you lots of great benefits. We have listed some of these below: Reduces Energy Bill No one wants to spend too much on the

Being an HVAC technician is a rewarding career, however, along with the good salary and exciting working environment comes great danger. As an HVAC technician, you will come across different hazards- electrical threats, chemicals to name some. That’s why you should bring with you a bag full of safety precautions whenever you run a service.

Aside from the freezing temperature, low humidity is also a problem in the cold months. Dry air is evident and along with this are the dangers in your health and comfort. The good news is you don’t have to live with these winter-related issues. By installing a humidifier, you can enjoy a peaceful holiday with

Many homeowners are confused about their heating systems. When you found out that your furnace is not working, you may panic, and you do not know what to do. That’s why it is really important that you know the answer to the common furnace concerns you experience at home. To help you, our team at

No matter how much we hate to experience a malfunctioning furnace in the cold months, we cannot prevent it from taking place, especially for poorly maintained units. When it fails to turn on, you can do some simple check-ups to save money and time. Be sure to inspect the crucial components first before opting for

While keeping your home warm and comfortable in the long cold months is a necessity, our professionals at Air Anytime, LLC reminds everyone that safety should also be a priority especially when lighting fires and using heating systems. As added precautions, we have listed below some helpful tips in heating your home safely to prevent

Are you wondering why you do not feel comfortable inside your home even when your HVAC system is running in full-force? The culprit probably hides in your thermostat. There are some reasons why your thermostat fails to do its job properly. Some cases need professional diagnoses and repairs, so you better think twice before doing

We cannot deny the fact that allergies are at an all-time high in America and you would not want you or any of your family members to experience their effects. While having your system maintained is a good start, it is not enough. Another major preparation that you need to do to secure your home’s

Air Anytime, LLC has been receiving a lot of reports on furnace problems as the cold fall and winter seasons arrive. And over the years, the same issues have been depriving homes with the right comfort and convenience. Let us share with you these five common furnace problems experienced by many Fort Lauderdale, FL homeowners

Even if you have a well-functioning HVAC system but the thermostat that controls its operation is acting up, you can never obtain the right savings and comfort you deserve in your home.  That’s why it is always necessary to check if the controls of your units are in the right condition. But how will you