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Thinking about purchasing a new cooling system this summer and looking for viable ways to manage your energy consumption? You just landed in the right place. Keep reading as we tell you why insulation is important when buying an air conditioner. Benefits of Home Insulation Most homeowners tend to overlook insulation as an important factor

Thinking of getting a new air conditioner for your home or business? You need a comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision. Read on to know the essential factors you need to consider before investing your hard-earned money in a new A/C. Quality Quality comes first on your list. Purchasing a new air

Just like our grandparents, air conditioners also have interesting stories to tell. While some of them may sound trivial, others are really cool and intriguing. Keep reading because we’ll share seven (7) air conditioning fun facts that will leave you open-mouthed. Fun fact #1: A/C Was Made to Protect Paper and Ink You wouldn’t believe

Did you know that air pollution takes away at least one to two years from a person’s life? Studies show that pollutants released into the air are the most harmful. Do not fret! Air Anytime will provide you smart ways to improve your indoor air quality this spring.  Keep Your House Clean Good indoor hygiene

Do you experience something odd in the performance of your air conditioning unit? If so, you may need an air conditioning repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL immediately. Here are the most common indications that your unit is not in its best shape and needs professional tuning right away: No Cool Air Air conditioning systems are

Get That A/C Ready Ahead of Time!

Get That A/C Ready Ahead of Time!

If there is one single fact in the HVAC world that’s completely inarguable, it’s routine maintenance service. There’s just no getting around it. No matter your location or the type and cost of your unit, if you want to make it through the summer season comfortably, then you need to schedule one for your air

When the temperature starts to rise, you know you need to fire your air conditioners and use its cooling magic to make your home comfortable. However, there are still a lot of things to do before you turn on your air conditioner for the first time. Refer to this list below! General Inspection Do a

Air leaks are the meanest enemy of your heating and cooling systems. No matter how efficient your unit is, you will not get the full benefit it offers with the presence of leaks and drafts in your home. Good thing, you do not have to deal with them anymore. Check out these helpful tips in

Easy Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly At Home

Easy Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly At Home

Earth Day should be celebrated every day. If you want to take part in protecting the environment but are totally unsure where to start, we recommend you do it first in every room of your home. Check out these eco-friendly tips that you may want to consider: The Kitchen If the weather permits, cook outside.

Is your furnace turning on and off frequently? It’s called short-cycling and to tell you honestly, it brings uncomfortable indoor temperature and shortens the life of your heating systems. Let’s tackle the basics of this issue, from what’s causing it to what should be done for it. What is Short-Cycling? Short cycling is when your