Delivering High-Performing A/C Maintenance in Oakland Park, FL

AC repair

There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up on a hot summer day only to discover that your air conditioner has malfunctioned since last night. Right now, your bed feels like an oven, and you want to scream in agony over the scorching heat. This doesn’t just leave you uncomfortable but can also be damaging to your home.

At this point, your only option would be to call a fast and reliable A/C maintenance in Oakland Park, FL, for a tune-up.

What is Involved with A/C Maintenance?

Having routine preventive A/C maintenance helps homeowners save money for the long-term. Catching problems at an early stage allows you to prevent A/C issues from escalating or for any need for an urgent replacement of your air conditioning system.

Did you know that simply cleaning or changing the air filters can remarkably add more years to the life of your air conditioning unit?  Having minor A/C maintenance can help you get on top of any A/C issues plus also save you from expensive repair costs in the long run. If you run into any A/C problem, it’s time to hire A/C maintenance in Oakland Park, FL.

Investing in annual maintenance will help you check the overall condition of your A/C unit and to spot any worn-out parts that need immediate replacement. Here’s what to expect with annual air conditioning maintenance:

  • The condenser coil is cleaned using a chemical cleaning agent or pressurized water.
  • Thermostat efficiency is checked by running it for around 10 minutes to test if it can reach normal operations’ required pressure.
  • Wet-bulb reading.
  • Inspection of the sub-cooling and superheat functionalities to ensure that the A/C system is charged accurately.
  • Check on the motor amperage to ensure that it’s able to meet the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • If in case problems are found, the technicians would let you know what the issues are, what repairs are needed, and the costs following each procedure.

Why It’s Important to Schedule A/C Tune-ups

Air conditioning units need frequent TLC or what is referred to as preventive maintenance or tune-ups.

  • Scheduling A/C tune-ups is essential, mainly because life can always get in the way of our plans, and some fall into the cracks. We lose sight of the routine maintenance for our air conditioning systems and push the idea in the backburner.
  • Forgetting A/C tune-ups can be damaging to your equipment and costs a lot of money too. Proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit can ensure its longevity and efficiency. Neglecting tune-ups can cost you more with frequent breakdowns and repairs and shorten your air conditioning unit’s life expectancy rating.

Other contractors may offer routine inspections but won’t any perform other services. In our case at Air Anytime, we don’t just stop with checks, but we go all the way to complete tune-ups, cleaning, and testing your system. We stop at nothing to provide you top-notch A/C maintenance in Oakland Park, FL. We take pride in focusing on your comfort at all levels – anytime and anywhere!

Air conditioning systems are indispensable parts of every commercial property or home. Our A/C systems keep our indoor spaces cool and relaxing even in hot summer months. We easily forget about it but only pay attention to our air conditioning systems once they stop working.

When this happens, get in touch with Air Anytime to get a free estimate or book an appointment.